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Recovery from a master hard drive with an operating system that will not boot!


In the very first instance we will attempt to repair the operating system so that it will successfully boot up and then your pc can be returned to you, exactly how you remembered it with all your data, programs and settings intact. This would be the best possible outcome as no actual data recovery measures would be necessary and there would be no need for a system restore / reformat and reinstallation of windows.


(BASIC) - Failing that we will then remove your drive from your pc and connect it up to our server and run our data recovery software through the drive.  There are three different levels of recovery that can be completed in order.  The first stage is a basic recovery run, to attempt to view the location of your files and folders so that they can be copied straight from your drive onto our server.  This takes the least amount of time to complete.


(ADVANCED) - Secondly we will complete an advanced recovery run.  With this we will attempt to search specific sectors of the drive for your files and folders and recreate the pathways to any lost files that cannot be located due to damage to the MBR. We will search for files by the original folder and file names and copy them to our server. The majority of files will be recovered within their original folder and subfolder names. Where the pathway has become corrupted, some files will be recovered without their original folder names, but we will still be able to group them together in the correct folder.


(RAW) - Finally we can run a raw recovery. This invloves us searching the drive for your files, byte by byte, by their file type.  The files will be located by their file extension (i.e. jpg, mp3, doc, xls, pdf, pst, dbx).  This means that we are able to look specifically for all the files created by a specific program, such as word documents, excel spreadsheets, adobe files, e-mails, music and video files, camera and internet pics, scanned images. The files are recovered without their original file names and just given a numerical file name, they are also grouped altogether in one folder, simply named by its file extension.  This is a lengthy and time consuming process and is used to recover data on the most corrupted of drives.  Importantly though we can get directly to the data that is personal to you and avoid a lot of the un-needed system and program files.



Systems infected by viruses / spyware / malware / keyloggers / hijackers!


We have at our disposal, a complete array of the best virus infection removal software there is.  We have programs that are specifically designed for dealing with specific types of infections and individually recognized viruses.  In a lot of cases, once the infection has been completely removed, your system will successfully boot up and continue to run unaffected.  There will be the odd instances where despite the virus having been completely removed, it has caused too much damage to the operating system and there will still be problems running or starting windows.  In these instances we will then follow the recovery procedures detailed above.  Rest assured that once your data has been recovered it is thoroughly cleaned of any infections so that there will be no risk of re-infection to any other source or onto a new operating system, if a restore becomes necessary.



Data needed back after accidental deletion or after a reformatting


If you have deleted a file or folder on a HDD / pen drive, or pictures / videos from a memory card, we can recover it provided that section of the drive has not been overwritten 7 times or more.  Of course you will have no way of knowing if the same section has been overwritten but the more recently the file was deleted, then the easier it will be to recover it and the more you continue to write more data, the deeper the deleted file becomes buried.  This is particularly important with  memory cards on camera’s, as with each new photo taken, the more chance there is that it has written over the same section of the memory card, the deleted file was stored on.


If your hard drive / memory card / pen drive has been formatted we can still recover your data, provided the data was stored on the media prior to its most recent format. If the data was lost prior to several formats, it is still possible that a recovery would be successful, but naturally less likely.


External & Internal Hard Drives not recognized in windows, making unhealthy noises, with no power or not spinning!


In these cases the problem is most likely caused by one of the following:


  1. Media Issues (Bad Sectors)
  2. Electronic Failure
  3. Firmware Failure
  4. Physical Failure


At our workshop we are able to recover most drives, however, where the damage is internal, then the drive will need to be taken apart to access the platters where the dated is stored.  As data is magnetically stored on the discs any spec of dust can permanently damage the data beyond retrieval, this process must be carried out in a clean room, within a dust free environment.  We do not have these facilities at our workshop but we are affiliated with a laboratory that can carry out this work for us at a much reduced rate, than if you were to send your drive to one of these labs direct.


In addition for just £15 we are able to offer a diagnostic test of your drive to establish the extent of the damage and the likelyhood of a successful recovery, this fee is waived when you agree for us to go ahead with the work, where most companies will charge you anything  up to £300 (which is non refundable if you don’t go ahead with the recovery), just to test the drive and then charge the recovery fee’s on top.  Importantly after our diagnostic test we will be able to give a fixed price for the recovery so you know exactly how much you will be paying.


So what is it we do?


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