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Data recovery and data back up service in Kingstom Upon Thames area, Surrey



You may have been told that your files are lost forever and that all those hours or days of hard work are for nothing. Or that those irreplaceable family photos will never be seen again. Do not despair! We can recover them!


At SOS Computer Fix we specialise in Data Recovery and our technicians have many years experience in this field. We pride ourselves on our expertise and success rate in recovering data in 99.3% of all cases we have undertaken.


Data is rarely irretrievably lost, but in the unlikely event that we cannot recover your data, then rest assured that our ‘no fix, no fee policy’, means that you won’t pay a penny.


We have worked on and completed successful data recovery jobs on hard drives made by all the major manufacturers including Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Buffalo, Freecom, iomega, Lacie, Transcend, Quantum, plus many others.


With all our jobs we will give you a quote for all our data recovery services, up front, so you know exactly how much you will be paying. We will also keep you informed of progress throughout the recovery process and in the unlikely event that the job becomes more complicated than anticipated we will contact you immediately and agree any additional costs before we go ahead.


Data can be recovered from any type of storage media, including:


Below are some of the most common causes of data loss or where data can become innaccessible:


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or any other form of data loss, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR SYSTEM!


1)  If there is mechanical damage then the more times it tries to boot up, then the more damage could be caused, potentially destroying or corrupting your data.

2)  If you keep using your PC then data is being written onto the drive and could be overwriting sections of the drive where your lost data is stored, thus making it a harder job to recover.

3) DO NOT attempt to download any recovery or virus removal software off the internet, unless you are absolutely certain it is from a reputable source and that it will definitely do the job that you need it to do, with no extra cost. There is a lot of harmful software you can download, under the guise that it is virus removal software and a lot of recovery software that claims it is free, until you try and use it and then will ask you for a credit card payment. Do not be fooled, in most cases the software will not be successful.


Now call the Data Recovery experts at SOS COMPUTER FIX on 0208 330 7113


Returning your data to you


Once your data has been successfully recovered and transferred onto our server, your data will then be thoroughly cleaned to make sure there are no virus infections that could find their way back onto your PC.


Data can be transferred onto any type of media of your choice, but of course is dependent on the size of data involved.  Wherever possible if your original hard drive is functioning and safe and convenient to use, we will transfer the data back onto that.


We can burn your data onto DVD’s at no extra cost, except where the volume of data is too large for this to be practical. In this case we would transfer the data onto a Hard Drive or USB Pen Drive, which you can either supply us yourselves, or, for the price at source, we can supply one for you.


recovery of all your computers data, with a no fix no fee policy guaranteed
We recover data from all the major brands including Maxtor, Seagate and Western Digital

Local collection is available, otherwise Hard Drives and other media can be posted to our workshop.

Please contact us first to discuss your requirements and to be allocated a case number before sending in your Hard Drive.

Our Data Recovery service is provided throughout the UK


The Data Recovery Process