Laptop and Desktop Hard Drives, Solid State drives, External Hard drives, USB flash drives, Raid configurations, SD cards and all other memory cards

Send in or bring us your hard drive
and we will diagnose the fault without
charge and will provide an exact quote
for recovery at very competitive rates


Your data is rarely irretrievably lost
and from our many years of successfully
recovering data you can be confident
in our near 100% success rate


If in the very rare event that we are
not able to recover your data, you
can rest assured that you will not be
charged *


We have use of a class 100 clean room
facility, which is a complete dust free
environment that eliminates any risk of
data corruption from dust particles


We have at our disposal the complete
array of professional data recovery
tools and machinery, as well as the
very latest technology and software


Once your data has been recovered
we will email you a complete file list,
so you can check through exactly what
is there before any payment is made

Full Recovery Report

SOS Computer Fix first started out in the specialist field of Data Recovery before we expanded the business into the whole IT support range we now offer. As such, our technicians have many years of vital experience in this field.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and success rate in recovering data in over 95% of all cases undertaken. Data is rarely irretrievably lost, but in the unlikely event that we cannot recover your data, then rest assured that our ‘no fix, no fee policy’ means that you won’t pay any service charge.

We provide a quote for all our data recovery services, up front, so you know exactly how much you will be paying. We will also keep you informed of progress throughout the recovery process and in the unlikely event that the job becomes more complicated than anticipated and additional donor parts are required then we will contact you immediately and agree any change in costs before we go ahead.

If you are experiencing any form of data loss, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER or DISCONNECT YOUR EXTERNAL DRIVE IMMEDIATELY!

If there is physical mechanical damage to the drive then the more times you try to boot up, then the more damage could be caused, potentially destroying or corrupting your files / data and if you keep using your PC then data is being written onto the drive and could be overwriting sections of the drive where your lost files are still stored, thereby making it a harder job to recover.

Now’s the time to call in the experts! On 0208 330 7113 or email help@soscomputerfix.com

1. In some cases we may have to purchase specific donor / replacement parts in order to attempt to recover the data from your hard drive. The cost of such parts may still be payable irrespective of a successful outcome, but this would be agreed with you upfront before the job is undertaken.
2. If your hard drive has been opened up internally prior to being given to us, we will need to carry out a deep clean of the drive mechanics and the platters before we can work on the drive. This will incur a non-refundable £100 fee.

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